Pharaoh King

Everyone has heard of the great pyramids of Egypt. They are the motive of all sorts of miraculous theories and the main source of fun in our amazing Pharaoh King casino game. Pyramids of Giza are a great example of mystery and money when it comes to pharaohs.  In fact, the story goes, that they were built to be tombs of the pharaohs. They are huge structures that show how the Egyptians were sensational architects and builders. The largest of the pyramids is that of Quepos.

One cannot speak of the pyramids without mentioning the name of Djoser. This was a super important pharaoh because it was his idea to build the first pyramid. Now, when you play Pharaoh King you will have in mind all the gold that these iconic historical figures had. You will be able to place your hands in your own future thanks to The Jackpot´s free chips! Play Pharaoh King here at The Jackpot for free anytime you want!

Everlasting mysteries

To this day there is much discussion among scholars about the way these pyramids were built. It really is very difficult to explain how so many stone blocks were placed without the help of the machines we have today. There are many theories but no kind of machine has ever been found that could have existed, so the idea is that these blocks were dragged and overlapped by thousands of men.

In fact, mummies, treasures, and sarcophagi have never been found inside the pyramids and this makes these constructions much more interesting. There is in the chamber of the king of the great pyramid a kind of stone sarcophagus, but one does not believe that someday someone had been buried there.

Play Pharaoh King for a taste of gold

The Egyptians believed that when they died the dead would live another life, according to what they had done in the one that had ended. Suddenly he could be hungry, thirsty, maybe he wanted a board to play his favorite game. Then they put the mummified dead (to arrive in another perfect life) in a sarcophagus, and that sarcophagus was placed in the tomb, along with all the things they imagined important for comfort in the afterlife.

Now thieves had known from ancient times the riches that could be found in the tombs. Besides, the dead could not defend themselves, how easy it was to steal so much wealth! We have incredible prizes and bonuses for you take complete advantage of right away.


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