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For many decades Poker was overlooked and its players suffered various types of prejudice, the Government was in some ways the main antagonist in the history of Poker, since he was responsible for spreading the idea of ​​Poker being an illegal game. And know that it was not easy to officialise the tournaments in the US and the rest of the world. Previously, Poker Entities and supporters needed to grapple to achieve the legalization of Poker that in the last century was as much discussed as the legalization of hallucinogens nowadays.

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Poker: Sport of the Mind

But as the years went by and research instruments were modernizing, Poker gained more attention to confirm certain paradigms linked to gambling. Finally, several research-based experts have stated that in Poker 88% of our decisions are related to skill and 12% to luck. Finally, Poker was recognized as a mental sport and not a mere game of chance. This recognition was given by the International Federation of Sports of Mind which for many years did not accept card games as sports that require some degree of skill.

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This title granted by the government, inclusively, gained pages in several newspapers of the time. So it was a special date for all Poker lovers. For you to know how important this status is to Poker, the game is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and you will know that there is a special category only for Mental Sports in the Olympics, in which Poker is included.

Now that Poker holds its approval as a sport of the mind, several obstacles that contribute to a more rigid control of Poker tournaments are overcome. Make sure you also get to play this game here at The Jackpot!

The bottom line


Poker requires a lot of concentration, self-control, reading ability, strategy, determination, ethics, psychological preparation, etc. These are elements present in any sport that requires rational decisions. So, it is more than well deserved the modality to belong to the level of mental sports. Join The Jackpot now to play!